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Quawins Vstick Pro 2ml 400mAh Pod Kit Black

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Product description
Quawins presents the Vstick Pro Kit, a pod system that couldn't be closer to a cigarette. There is the option of using a cotton filter insert to get even closer to the feeling of smoking. In contrast to visually similar devices, this is of course completely done without tobacco! This means that there is an inexpensive alternative with a real throat hit (feeling of pressure) and without unpleasant smells!


Long running time and technical sophistication

The battery carrier contains a 400mAh battery, which accompanies the user throughout the day. If it should ever weaken, that is of course not a problem, because the battery is ready for use again in no time thanks to the quick charge function. The design impresses with its modern shape and the high-quality processing of individual components.

The built-in chipset of the Vstick Pro from Quawins has all the important protective functions and also has a built-in counter that signals to the user the "cigarette length" by means of vibration after 20 puffs have been taken. Complicated buttons and their functions as well as a display are searched in vain here, an automatic pulling mechanism has been installed for the advantage of simple handling and beginner-friendliness.


User-friendly, safe and tasteful

The pods, i.e. the cartridges in which the liquid is filled and evaporated, come with a filling volume of 2ml. These pods are filled using an easy-to-use, side-mounted filling system. Both when filling and in daily use, the cartridges are 99.9% leak-proof and ship-proof. There is also the option of using the enclosed filters and thus imitating the mouthfeel of a cigarette.

The atomizer head built into the pods of the Vstick Pro has a resistance of 1.35 ohms, which means in connection with the power output by the battery mod, a cigarette-like amount of vapor is output here. The taste reproduction of the liquid used could hardly be better, even with the installed filter there are no disadvantages.


No expensive sticks, no unpleasant smell, no sanding, no annoying cleaning of ceramic tips and all that at an affordable price.

The Quawins Vstick Pro Kit is the perfect device for those switching who value a very user-friendly and easy-to-use device without having to forego the feeling of smoking cigarettes!

Technical specifications

Quawins Vstick Pro Pod

Material: PCTG
Connection: magnetic plug & play connection
Filling volume: 2ml
Coil: 1.3Ohm (MTL)
Filling; Side fill system
Ventilation: integrated airflow

Quawins Vstick Pro mod

Dimensions: 100 mm x 16 mm x 16 mm (with pod)
Material: aluminum alloy
Connection: magnetic plug & play connection
Weight: 80g
Battery: integrated 400mAh battery
Output power: 9 watts
Charging: via USB cable or docking station (not included)

scope of delivery

1 x Quawins Vstick Pro battery mod
1 x Quawins Vstick Pro Pod vaporizer
1 x Quawins Vstick Pro filter
1 x charging cable
1 x instruction manual

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